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A premiere saltwater fishing show hosted by Captain Rob Fordyce of the Voo-Doo Daddy. The show is based on offshore and inshore fishing, light tackle fishing techniques, and the unique areas surrounding the destination Rob is fishing.

Captain Rob Fordyce, has been a professional guide, TV host and athlete, for the last 27 years. Nominated in 2014, as one of the top “50” fishing captains in the world, Rob has competed and placed as a top three finisher, in more than a 100 tournaments fished around the globe. Rob has also produced, hosted, or co-hosted more than 100 outdoor television episodes.

When Rob had the opportunity to launch his new show he envisioned an action packed, story driven show infused with his own brand of badass-ness. He looked to Salty Fish Productions to bring his vision to life. 

THE seahunter season 1 promo reel

Yeah, there's a lot of fishing and cool stuff going on this season. Spanning the entire Florida Keys, we go from the back country to the shrimp boats 50 miles off shore and everywhere in between. Great guests, lifelong friends and close family appear throughout for a rich, action packed and entertaining season.

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our approach

When Rob asked us to be a part of The Seahunter, we knew we needed to bring it. As an established talent with a larger than life persona, Rob brings a lot of experience and ideas to the table. We worked closely with him to help shape the series, the mood and the look of the show.

Salty Fish Productions provided a complete turnkey solution from concept to network delivery. Our talented and experienced production team captured the action on the water, in the air and in slow motion. Branding, marketing visuals and graphics were handled in-house as well as title design, animation and in-show graphics. 

It was a truly a collaborative experience with all hands on deck and having a great time doing it. 

The Seahunter airs on Outdoor Channel.